Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The original Paper Mario was my first game review and it set a high standard for the sequel, which I hadn't played in almost 10 years. The Thousand Year Door (TTYD) thankfully has lived up to the memories I had of it, and exceeded any sort of expectation the first one could have set. The... Continue Reading →

Sonic Heroes

My hype was unbelievable once Crush 40’s opening theme came on as I started Sonic Heroes in my Gamecube, and I was ready to go fast again. This was my first ever Sonic game and as a kid, it was such a blast playing with all the different teams and characters and fighting the big... Continue Reading →

DragonBall Z Budokai

With Dragonball FighterZ out and being absolutely phenomenal, I wanted to pay a visit to one of my first fighters I played as a kid, Dragonball Z Budokai. I was impressed with how true it stayed to the series, and while there weren't many extras or eggs to find, the modes are what really made... Continue Reading →

Second Sight

  So picture this: it’s 2005, your parents just got off work and brought you to Blockbuster to go rent the newest game, probably Resident Evil 4. You go to Blockbuster and see that all the cool kids already got it so you have to get the not popular game, but Miyamoto knows you won't... Continue Reading →

Eternal Darkness

This game is freaking nuts. If you are a big fan of Gamecube games and haven’t heard of Eternal Darkness, you have got to get out from under that rock. This piece of work is something anyone who likes a good creepy game should experience to get their world rocked, I know mine did a... Continue Reading →

Super Mario Sunshine

A Gamecube Masterpiece. One of my favorite games, Super Mario Sunshine is a fun and beautiful game for its time. It’s the second in Mario’s series of open-world platformers and the third highest-selling Gamecube game of all time, we see Mario in a brand new land and scenario to thwart the heinous villainy beneath the... Continue Reading →

Teen Titans

Normally, anything that has this title has my complete and undivided attention (except Teen Titans GO!). So once I found out there was Gamecube game that I missed, I had to get it as soon as possible and see what I had to catch up on!. The game opens with an action packed tutorial of... Continue Reading →


I had reservations about this game only because it wasn’t Mario; from the case art to the start up menu, I was in a state of “wahhhhh what am I about to really do as Wario?”. However, I was presented with a quirky, short puzzle adventure that was actually enjoyable! Once you start the game,... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Colosseum

Being the first full length Pokemon game ever on console, Colosseum was one of the big hypes of the Gamecube for some of us Pokefans. While it hasn’t aged well compared to the handheld games, it is still a different story with original and new mechanics for us to play through and get a look... Continue Reading →

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