Rodea The Sky Soldier

Have you ever thought you were about to eat a chocolate chip cookie and bit down only to realize it was a raisin, and ate it anyway? That’s Rodea. I was excited when I bought this game because I felt it was advertised well and the animation looked cool to me for a Wii port,... Continue Reading →

Shovel Knight

In an age filled with shooters and tactical RPGs, Shovel Knight brings back a nostalgic adventure with inspiration from the classics like Megaman and Super Mario, gives them a facelift and tighter controls and hands us a wonderful time! In a classic tale of good vs evil, the Shovel Knight must use his might and... Continue Reading →


I had heard a lot about it: strong witches, bad bitches, and I have seen her in the new Super Smash Bros. as well. I had finally got a hold of the combo disc for the WiiU and got to play through it and man was I blown away! I had known generally I was... Continue Reading →

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